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Hitting the gym and getting some results

Yeh. The passed week I went to the gym twice (the third planned time I couldn’t since I had severe aches from the first visit) :-P. 

This gave me some nice numbers pre-cheat-day. But since I don’t, ever, report on those I’m here to tell you the post-cheat-day numbers instead. 

The funny thing is that my upper arms has “expanded” – maybe due to some gym-related thing – I’m sore. But the rest of the body seems to have understood that it’s supposed to go down.

So here we go.

Status: -9,6 kilos (-21,1 LBS) and -36 centimeters (-14 IN).

That means a loss of 1,3 kilos and 3 centimeters since last week. The centimeters, as told, would’ve been more if my upper arms hadn’t expanded by 2 centimeters – and I could’ve “cheated” and kept the number – but I’m all for true numbers here 🙂

This week I’m heading to the gym no less that two times, hopefully three, but we’ll see how the body reacts. Just so you understand, the gym isn’t a must, it’s just a matter of wanting to move along a weee bit faster. I’m following the “starting” gym-regiment in the 4 Hour Body book for a few weeks. Then I might convert to whats called the “kiwi”-workout. 

The potato chips was part of the cheatday indulgence. 

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