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Plateau much?

After a saturday morning, pre-cheat, that made me happy and a monday that made me sad here’s the report.

Standstill, due to extensive cheating during saturday, I’m hoping that the weight will fall off quickly this week so I can get in a better mood. We where at a birthday celebration this saturday with a lot of “not slow carb” food and drinks. 

Here’s the numbers:

-7,5 kilos (16,5 LBS) and -27 centimeters (10,3 IN). 

So.. weightwise = nothing after cheating but still lost 4 centimeters in total. So still a progress.

And my pre-cheat day weight was -9,2 kilos.. so I’ve decided, for myself at least, to only do a cheat-meal this coming weekend. 

Next week I’m also planning on adding in the excercises again. Start doing kettlebells and the like three days a week.

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