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Moving slowly in some areas…

… but moving a lot quicker in other.

The cheat-meal-only weekend became a little more due to some cravings that showed up saturday. I just had to eat some ice-cream and some candy. But we remedied it a bit with doing IF on sunday. IF you wonder? Intermittent Fasting – we didn’t eat any solids until dinner and due to some herbamate tea I didn’t feel hungry in the least until late afternoon and when that hit I just turned to some more water. 

The image isn’t of the actual cheatmeal-pizza but close enough – homemade pizza with prosciutto, salami, parmesan- and emmentalercheese.

So here we are, monday, and if my foot gives me the permission I’m taking up excercise today (I’m 41 and a few months after hitting 40 I got my first gout and I think I have that now as well – but it’s not fully developed so I’m hoping it’ll go back).

Status: -8,3 kilos (18.3 LBS) and -33 centimeters (12.9 IN) 

So, suffice to say, I’ve lost a lot more centimeters than weight but still lost .8 kilos (1.8 LBS). So I’m still OK with it.. just wish I could park myself under my first partial goal permanently – but perhaps next week.

I’m aiming to hit the next partial goal by no later than christmas – and when I hit that partial goal I’ll tell you about – no worries 🙂

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