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Kind of a slow week #slowcarb #4hb

The beginning of last week, after doing all the measurements, was a bit slow. But by thursday the weight was falling off. We’d decided on a cheatmeal rather than a cheatday on saturday. But you can’t fool the body. Added 1 kilos on cheatday and only lost .1 kilos during sunday. So here we are.

Status: -7,5 kilos (-16,5 LBS) and -23 centimeters (8,9 IN) – that means a whole centimeter since last week – a bit of a bummer. But(!) the weight is going down so I guess I shouldn’t complain – and perhaps the cheat meal only will get the downward trend going a bit faster this week.

The image is to show you an apple pie, which was part of our cheat meal (not this one though). The rest of it we gave away to my parents so we didn’t have to be tempted 🙂

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