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Back in full effect…

… after a week on 4 Hour Body (after the vacation). What made most happy this week was that on friday, pre-cheatday and after it, today on weigh-in I had gained 200 grams. So cheatday wasn’t as cheaty as I thought. But I ate everything I wanted to eat including some B&J Icecream and chocolatebar (or rather half of it since I couldn’t finish without feeling sick).

Above is cheatday dinner entreé: Filét of reindeer with cheeseinduced potato pureé and sauce with mushrooms. Yummy. We where not home for sunday either (on a slow cruise outside Stockholm) – but we managed to stay on diet. Breakfast consisted of bacon and eggs and lunch, that was more our dinner, we found a cod that had potatoes but changed out the potatoes for a tomato- and red onion sallad, yummy as well.

Status? This is from when we started back in may and this is the only message about that fact and we’re now moving onwards (not thinking about gaining during vacation)…

-6,4 kilos (14,1 LBS) and -22 cm (8,5 IN). 

So I still have about 2 kilos (4,4 LBS) to lose before hitting my low before the vacation – by next weigh-in I hope! 🙂

This weekend we’ve decided on not doing a cheat day, but rather have a cheat-meal only on saturday evening. That should help a bit also!

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