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Pre-vacation Report for my #4hrbody diet

Today vacation starts. Me and my wife go off the #4hrbody for the duration of the vacation. Except for the breakfast which we’ll continue to do whenever it’s possible, and the lunches will be aiming for slowcarb as well but if we don’t make then we don’t.

We’re heading to Alsace, France! Hopefully very relaxing 🙂

Final status before vacation: -8,4 kg (18,5 LBS) and -26 cm (9,9 IN) – and this is after cheatdays last weekend som I’m more than happy 🙂

So, from today, until vacation is over you won’t hear any statuses from this dude. Yes, I’m quite aware that we will have gained a lot during the vacation – but that’s for us to get off us again when we get back! 🙂

See you in three weeks, at least in regards to weight and dieting 🙂

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