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No status until friday for this week…

…. because of two things.

First: We had a serious ‘lets go off the wagon’ this weekend due to our 10th anniversary. So our cheatday actually became cheatdays and I had to laugh this morning when I weighed myself. Let’s just say that it was two epic days of cheating – but I do think that most of it will be falling of quickly with correct eating. So, just for clarity, we both knew that this was a bad thing but we decided to go with it since it was special circumstances – and we don’t see it as a failure on our part, and not a failure of the diet either. 

Second: This friday evening is the start of our vacation. This means that we’ll be taking time off from this diet and only doing the breakfast. Why? Because we’re food and wine-lovers and our vacation-spot is Alsace, France – and we want to sample local cuisine and wines without feeling bad 🙂 So from friday on I’ll not report anything on progress (or lack thereof) until the vacation is over – august 1st. 

So, basically, I’ll still count from the same starting point, in may but, restart the diet at that point. If the vacation isn’t as epic as to push me over my former starting point of course, but I hope that won’t happen.

So.. you’ll get the final numbers – pre-vacation – friday morning. See ya then 🙂

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