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Week 2 of Slow Carb Diet – Report

Kind of a slow week. I’ve contracted a cold which has me using some Vicks drops which are artifically sweetend. That combined with a quite ‘good’ cheat-day with a lot of cravings handled, which I after eating them noted that I could’ve skipped them because they weren’t as good as I remembered, has netted me down 1,6 kilos and another 4 centimeters. Tallied I’m down 4,7 kilos (10,3 LBS) and 11 centimeters (4,3 inches). 

This coming week is going to be “interesting” since I’m heading to Metaltown rockfestival in Gothenburg (for work) thursday to sunday. Which means weird timing on feeding I’d suppose. But I’m in it to win it – so I will be cheating saturday as usual but not any other day – even if the selection out there will be rather limited. But breakfast will be handled at the hotel so that should be possible to kick as usual with a lot of eggs and stuff 🙂

The image is a Brillat Savarin cheese which was one of our cheatings this passed saturday.


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