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#4hb slow-carb diet week 4

We’re closing in on our vacation where we’ll “ditch” #4hb apart from the breakfast – but still around two weeks left. This weeks featured image is a frozen cheesecake that was consumed on #cheatday – heavenly 🙂

I’m still amazed on how much I don’t miss certain things. I have no urge to drink milk, eat candy – except for dark chocolate, using cream in cooking seems a waste. I don’t miss pasta or rice one bit. Potatoes is another story, but not as much as I’d believed I would. 

This passed week we had our cheat day a day earlier than normal due to being swedes and celebrating midsummers eve on friday. Dinner with parts of the family at mum & dads. Zucchinisoup with dill-cured salmon, potatogratin with angus-steaks and garlicbutter and more.. suffice to say.. delicious 🙂

So.. status for the week? Incoming below. Not much on the centimeters/inches this week – a bit of a bummer.

Status: -7,4 kilos (-16,3 LBS) and -20 centimeters (-7,6 inches)

So.. like I said.. only 1 centimeter but 1,4 kilos.. should be happy I guess 🙂 I need to improve on drinking water – been “slacking” off on that.

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