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#4hb slow-carb diet week 3

As I said last week I had a cold and had to eat a lot of “cold”-drops to keep going this continued most of this week as well. Thursday to Sunday this week I’ve been working at Metaltown (heavy metal festival in Gothenburg, Sweden) which has had me a bit worried since I haven’t been able to fully know what’s been served at the catering. I tried as much as possible to stay on the good side – ie. no white stuff and had to more or less live on mixed beansallad apart from the proteins served. It worked for the most part it would seem. Saturday which was my cheatday was a bit over the top on ‘sweets’ – indulged in icecream (B&J’s – but a small one), pancakes with jam & whipped cream, waffle with the same, a chocolate cake… suffice to say it tasted quite good. 🙂

It had me a bit worried since I couldn’t weigh myself before or after the cheating.. well.. this morning – I was 100 grams over what I weighed thursday morning before leaving for the festival. So I’m satisfied with it. 🙂 Why? Because it could’ve been worse.

Status:  6 kilos (13,2 LBS) and 19 centimeters (7,4 inches) lost since I started. Since last week it’s 1,3 kilos and a whopping 8 centimeters (lost 3 centimeters each on chest & stomach).

I still maintain that this is, by far, the easiest diet (‘way of eating’) that I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot of them. Knowing that all my cravings can be satisfied once a week makes it a lot easier for sure. This week we have what’s called midsummer eve on friday so we’re moving cheatday to friday this week, but back to saturday next week. After that it’s just a week ‘til it’s vacation-time (where we’ll not be doing the diet – but will restart when we’re back to work).

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