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Here we go again…

I’ve always been a big dude, even when I was younger and did competitive swimming I was still ‘fat’. I’ve tried most of the types of diets out there. Be it weightwatchers, atkins, itrim among others. Some more successful than others.

Now I’ve actually found something that might be possible to use for an extended time and that seems to be working, for other at least. I’m actually looking forward to starting it – which is weird in itself. 

The Four Hour BodyTim Ferriss book The Four Hour Body is the reason behind me finding it, after tips from my sister and a former workmate that was reading it. After divulging the content on what you should and shouldn’t eat during this diet both me and my wife concluded: “this diet we can live with”. The reason is simple. There’s a scheduled cheatday and it’s ‘mandatory’.

I’m not going to cheat Tim from his money by giving you the diet in it’s glory – just google 4hourbody or 4hbody and you’ll find lots of info on the subject. 

Me and my wife, as well as a colleague at work are starting this coming monday. I’m giving myself 100 SEK per kilo I lose – payable if/when I reach my ‘final’ goal. That being 90 kilos (I might reconsider and go lower when and if I reach it). I will not be posting my starting weight here – I’ll give you, on a weekly basis, the amount of lost kilos as well as the centimeters lost in total (having measured both arms, chest, stomache, behind and thighs and then presenting the total of those measurements). 

Added later for clarity: We will not be doing the diet during my summer vacation of three weeks – but we’ll ‘reset’ and ‘restart’ the moment it’s over and keep running it. Although we might do it – but we’re saying we won’t in case we don’t want to 🙂

Slow Carb Diet vs The 4-Hour Body: Some have said that it’s a waste of money to buy the book since it’s basically a regular Slow Carb Diet. Yes, I guess it is – but like a aquiantance said ‘a good diet is diet that works’ – and we’re going to see if it does 🙂

If anyone has any ideas for bets, for motivation, to be made let me know – I’m open for it!

Start: Monday May 28th 2012 – but you’ll get the first measurements the week after 🙂

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