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Tiresome statistics

I can get very, very ‘tired’ from time to time. Especially when I’m told that “hey, our ranking on ‘arbitrary rankingsite’ is declining”. I answer: so? does anyone take notice of that site? Yes, they claim.

So I look into how this ranking is done. The quick answer? The bulk of the ranking is done using the toolbar that people have to install. Well.. suffice to say, I haven’t installed a toolbar during the last 10 years on any computer. I haven’t seen anyone, in my part of the world, using a toolbar – other than the default ones that came with the browser – during the last 10 years either.

But for some reason some agencies take notice of what ‘arbitrary rankingsite’ thinks. So now I have to increase our ranking on this ‘arbitrary rankingsite’. Due to that fact I’ve found out what SEO-consultancy firms do for a living and man.. in most cases it’s not a pretty sight to see what they’re up to. 

I don’t deny that they normally work, they get the job done, but what the **** – it’s a manipulation of data that is only made to do one thing – increase your ranking in different searchengines. They artificially inflate the number of links you get to your site, they artificially adds more visitors to your website – and for that they take ‘top dollar’.

I thought that I had an idea what to do to make a website more or less searchable and more indexed on a searchengine (like for example google). But I’m an honest mane.. I can’t go around setting up fake websites that links to my own websites just to boost my own website. It’s making me sick seeing that people actually get paid to blow smoke up the searchengine’s *** to ‘boost’ the traffic so you can end up higher up on your ranking.

Ok, I’m ranting I know, but sometimes you have to do that as well.. now back to figuring out how to increase our rating, without actually blowing smoke up it’s *** and faking it.

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