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A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

That step was taken this morning, or last night when I went to bed depending on how one should look at things.

The 4-hour Body diet is in effect. Started the day half a litre of cold water, then three boiled eggs with some cottage cheese, soy beans and a bit of seasoning. Then my regular shower which I then toned down to cold (We’ll see if I can keep that up – it’s a pain the ***). 

Lunch? Shrimp and Lobstertail-sallad with only a wee bit of squeezed lemon as dressing. That was good even before the diet started so no difference there. Tonight we’re doing some kind of fish (don’t know what my wife will select) and I’m thinking about doing the excerciseroutine from “Building the Perfect Posterior (or Losing 100+ Pounds)”-chapter as well.. shouldn’t be to hard I think.

I jotted down every single measurement, weight, arms, chest, stomache, waist and thighs in an excel spreadsheet so I can see everything that changes. As I said earlier I’ll give you the weekly summarized figures that has been lost when we roll around every week. So this week you’ll get nothing! On monday next week I’ll tell you how much I’ve lost or gained and keep doing that every single week.

Since the 4-hour body allows you to have a cheatday we will be using that, but we’re already in the mindset that we won’t be bingeing anyway. We’ll eat bread, potatoes, and perhaps a dessert for dinner – but otherwise – nah, no need normally so why would I need to now? (but we’re allowed if we should like to :-P)

If you want to follow what I eat, missed breakfast this morning but it wasn’t really something that was appetizing to see so no big loss there, you can pay attention to my gallery here.

Wish us luck!

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