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Me and my wife likes to cruise the baltic sea and this afternoon we leave for Helsinki. Since we go quite often we’ve managed to get a “free” cruise with one of the best cabins they have. Commodore class is high up, with quite a luxurious way of travelling. You even get ‘Commodore Lounge’ where you can escape the rest of the travellers and just sit down, look forward and have some free coffee. The personell working in the lounge can help you with bookings and the like – It’s, suffice to say, really nice. We’ve tried a few times to have the breakfast delivered to the cabin and it’s better than the ones you get in the restaurants. This time we’ll take that both ways 🙂

We’ve also decide on one of the dinners during this 40 hour cruise. I’ll let you load the link here instead of posting the whole thing it’s called Menu Signature on page 4. Sounds good eh?

To the left here is the ship itself. It’s the type where you have a ‘street’ in the middle of the ship where all the restaurants, bars and shops are. All the entertainment are front and aft parts. So… as usual, we hope it will be a nice trip. But if all else fails we can lock us in the cabin and just relax or spend the time trying some new wines in the winebar. 

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